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Why do American Football athletes wear Towel on their pants?

American football athletes wear a towel on their pants for several practical reasons:

1. Sweat absorption: Football is a physically demanding sport that involves a lot of running, tackling, and exertion. Athletes often sweat heavily during the game, and the towel helps to absorb and wipe away the sweat, keeping the players dry and more comfortable.
2. Grip enhancement: Quarterbacks, in particular, wear towels tucked into their waistbands to keep their hands dry during the game. A dry hand provides a better grip on the football, which is essential for accurate passing.

3. Hand & Visor cleaning: In addition to sweat, players may get dirt or mud on their hands during the game, which can affect their grip on the ball. They can use the towel to clean their hands quickly between plays.

4. Ball maintenance: Towels can also be used to keep the football clean and dry, especially in wet or muddy conditions. The quarterback or other players can use the towel to dry the ball before each snap to ensure better handling.

6. Communication: In some cases, quarterbacks might use the towel as a signaling device during the game. They might use specific folds or placements to signal certain plays or strategies to their teammates.

Overall, the towel is a versatile and functional accessory for American football players, helping them maintain their performance and comfort during intense gameplay.
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